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Rally Days

One of the main objectives of pony club is to encourage and improve horsemanship and horse care in its riding members.  It is by such rallies that the Aims and Objectives of the pony club movement are best carried out.

The Club Chief Coach is responsible for the club's coaching program and the safe implementation of the current Pony Club Australia (PCA) Syllabus of Instruction.

Our club rallies are usually held on the fourth (4th) Sunday of the month, there are some exceptions to this when there is a clash with another important event either locally or a State Pony Club competition.

2023 Rally Dates are:

26th February

19th March

30th April

28th May

25th June

23rd July

27th August

24th September

29th October

25 & 26 November Rally/Camp & AGM

"The Working Rally is the backbone of the Pony Club Movement"
Pony Club WA Handbook

What To Bring & Wear

Well you and your pony - of course!

You will need to bring a hay net and/or lunch for your horse/pony as well as a bucket for their water.

Your grooming kit and tack is also required for your horse.  You should wear palin beige johpurs, your pony club long sleeved rally shirt, riding boots and your approved riding helmet.

Specific club uniform is available on a rally day.

Gear Check

Gear Check is an important and compulsory part of rally.  Our club has a qualified PCWA Gear Checker and also a number of parents who are undertaking their gear checking qualifications.

Whilst we don't expect riders to have the newest or most expensive gear, we do insist that it is safe, fits your horse/pony properly and it is well looked after.  You will be gear checked at the start of each rally.

This is not anything to be worried about but rather an opportunity to learn from people who are experienced and can teach you about correctly fitting tack.

Our 2023 Dates

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