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Eventing Compeitions

About One Day Events

Eventing (One Day Event) is often known as the Triathlon of the equestrian world.  A truly complete sport that tests horse and rider combinations in three different disciplines; the harmony between horse and rider that is dressage; the stamina and extensive experience needed for cross country and the precision and agility for the last phase of show jumping.

We will be holding one ODE which caters for riders competing PC45 through to PC80, ordinary pony club members as well as open rider classes.

Adult riders who wish to enter a Pony Club competition must be current financial members of PCWA.  Membership is direct with PCWA and you can find information on how to join at the Pony Club WA Website.

Pony Club Western Australia conducts the State Eventing Championships annually in heights of PC1*, PC105 and PC95 and at the organisers discretion a PC80 may also be run.

About Combined Training

Combined Training also comes under the Eventing umpbrella for both Equestrian Australia and Pony Club Australia.

This event has two phases - dressage and showjumping, basically eventing without the cross country.

The dressage phase is always before the jumping phste.  Like Eventing, the winner is the rider with the least penalties after the scores from the two phases are added together.

Riders do one dressage test and one showjumping round at thier graded level.  There is no jumpoff.

About Hickstead’s

A Hickstead, by definition, is actually a showjumping competition, which originates from a Derby style competition at Hickstead, England.  This incorporates “natural” obstacles, such as brush, ditches, banks, stonewalls, water and a number of rustic showjumping fences.

Australian Pony Clubs and other organisations have developed a competition within a slightly different context.  It has become a means of running a competition involving cross-country fences and show jumping fences, when a venue does to have sufficient space for a full cross-country course and/or where personnel are in short supply.

A Hickstead competition may be as a mini horse trial, competitors complete a dressage test (optional event inclusion), then complete the combination showjumping/cross-country course.

Dates for the 2021:

  • Hickstead #1 - 7th February

  • Combined Training - 6th March

  • Hickstead #2 - 3rd October

  • ODE - Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th November

Entries for these events are taken via the NOMINATE website and will also be advertised via Cavaletti.

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