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Hiring Our Grounds

The Busselton Horse & Pony Club Cross Country Course is available for hire to BH&PC Members. 

How to Book:

  1.  Check availability of your preferred dates, by contacting Clare by TEXT on 0409 102 698. 

  2. Your booking is not final until you have received confirmation that the date and time you would like to book the grounds has been confirmed. Please submit bookings 36 - 48hrs prior to when you wish to ride.

  3. The booking form and payment form must be completed BEFORE arriving at the grounds.

  4. Email proof of payment receipt to  

  5. All riders must clean up after themselves before you leave the grounds.

  6. Any damage that occurs whilst using the grounds/course during your booking must be reported to Clare on 0409102698. 

BHPC Cross Country Course - Conditions of use 

  • All riders MUST have on grounds at all times:

  • a coach (Pony Club WA/Equestrian Australia or a coach with a current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability to a value of minimum $20,000,000.00.  This certificate must be emailed to Clare prior to the booking.

  • First Aid Officer (with current qualifications)

  • PC/EWA Riders < 18 yrs must have thier adult supporter.

  • The First Aid officer may be the attending coach or adult supporter if they hold the qualifications.

  • You must indicate which heights you are intending on jumping.

  • No rider may commence riding on the cross country course without their Coach/First Aid/Responsible Person (as applicable) on grounds with them.

  • All riders on Cross Country Course (jumping) must wear:

    • *back protector to current required standard.

    • *long sleeves for Pony Club WA insured riders.

    • *current standard helmet (tagged if EWA rider) and correct boots. Dress must be per the PCA National Gear Check Rules for PCWA members and per the EWA Gear Check Rules for EA riders.

  • Coach on ground must:

    • ensure approaches and getaways are clear of any hazards.

    • *ensure that all jumps are safe to be jumped

    • riders can only jump cross country jumps that are correctly flagged with the red flag on right, white on left.

    • report any damages to the booking officer.

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